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Here are some of the comments SERT has received from parents who have seen positive results after their children have participated in our equestrian therapy program.

Erin B...

Mother of daughter with global developmental delays, nonverbal, apraxia

My daughter is nonverbal and before she started riding at SERT she was not using any sign language. Many therapists had tried teaching her basic signs but Vivienne seemed unable to use sign language because of severe motor planning problems. She started riding at SERT and they wanted her to sign "walk" and then the horse would walk. I did not think she could or would do it. To my surprise she started signing walk!!! She was so motivated to go on her trail ride that she figured out how to sign "walk". This was the first time she really figured out that her signing meant something. Since then, she now signs for eat, drink, more, all done, hi/bye, and hugs. Learning to ask for her horse to walk gave her the confidence and the drive to learn and use more signs.

Christine H...

Mother of a daughter with Down syndrome and a leukemia survivor

My daughter has been riding horses at SERT for almost two years.  During this time, she was undergoing chemo treatment for ALL leukemia.  Riding her horse was one of the few things that truly gave her so much happiness.  Every time she would come off the horse, she would have the BIGGEST smile. Riding horses at SERT has given her confidence and strength.  It has improved her walking and balance tremendously. Connie, who runs SERT, is an expert in kids with Down syndrome.  She always knew when to push, and when to back down, especially if she wasn't feeling well from a chemo treatment. SERT is 30 minutes away from our house, but it is worth the drive every week. All the volunteers are very friendly and my daughter always looks forward to coming.  I HIGHLY recommend SERT.  The people and the horses are the best. 

Melissa B...

Mom of daughter with Cerebral Palsy, Optic Nerve Hypoplasia and Brain Malformation

We are so thankful that we were introduced to SERT a few years ago.  Connie and all of the helpers are very warm, kind and caring.  It is a wonderful environment.  Miranda loves riding and Nancy, her instructor, is great with her.  Miranda has come so far with her riding and now rides independently.  We highly recommend SERT to any family who has a child with special needs.  It is a very special place.

Anat W...

Mother of daughter with Cri-Du-Chat (5P- or 5P Minus meaning deletion on chromosome number 5).

Our daughter arrived at SERT at the age of two and a half, a few days after she finally started walking.  She was welcomed warmly and with lots of love by the wonderful owner and staff.  By the end of the first lesson, the change was immediately apparent: her walking was a lot more stable and confident.  As months and years passed, her core and body strength improved and increased. 

Talking was always extremely delayed when it came to our daughter, but the insistence of the staff that she tells the horse to walk, even by just uttering an incoherent sound, has improved her vocal skills, and contributed to a faster development when it came to talking.  The fun, educational, and developmental games the staff plays with her during the class, have done more than entertain her: they assisted her in ascertaining multi-tasking and concentration skills, as she had to balance herself on the horse, listen, and perform tasks at the same time.  As each class begins and ends with the child relating to the horse (petting it, verbally thanking it, etc.), our daughter grew without fear of animals and with a lot of compassion towards them.

What I love about the program: The amazingly knowledgeable owner, who has a heart filled with love for the program.  The friendly, kind and caring staff, that cater to every child’s special needs.  The diversity of games and activities offered each week.  The way the program challenges my daughter, encouraging her to ride different ways, and try new things.  The safety the staff promotes each and every moment from double and triple checking the equipment and that horse fit the child’s special needs, that all is secure, that the child is being guarded on both sides of the horse (if needed), and that the gates to the arena are closed at all times.  

Edlyn P...

Mother of an Autistic child

My six-year old son has been with SERT for two years and we couldn't be happier. He is usually very active and impulsive.  Horse therapy helps him calm and organize his body.  He is a happier, more focused child when he rides.

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