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SERT Riding Program

Horsemanship provides riders with the opportunity to practice skills that they need to face fears, communicate feelings, and access strengths. Learning becomes fun! 

Riders with special needs and families who spend time with us say that being involved with SERT is something special in their lives. Each SERT instructor gives every student an experience that breaks down barriers to growth and learning. 

SERT instructors work with a wide range of disabilities. Safety remains the top priority, as instructors and volunteers stay attuned to every rider's needs.

Some areas where breakthroughs can happen include:

  • Cognitive: Therapeutic horseback riding can increase the attention span of a special needs rider. It can also improve speech and other communication skills, and enhance intellectual abilities.
  • Physical: Riding can improve balance, stability, muscle strength and coordination.
  • Emotional: Riding can enhance self-control. The bond that forms between every rider with special needs and his or her SERT horse can assist a child's overall development.

Lessons are Available...
Tuesday, Thursday, 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM -1:00 PM

  • English and Western Riding
  • Trail Riding
  • Ground Lessons .. the proper way to groom and care for horses

Toddlers - 2-4 Year-old Special Needs Children

SERT is delighted to offer My Pony and Me, a non-riding program that accommodates various levels of mobility.

Class Schedule

Class Sessions are approximately 4 weeks in length.  To view our current schedule, visit our Event Calendar

SERT Donation

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